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Peter Haas attorney in Portland, OregonPeter Haas has joined with Mohr Intellectual Property Law Solutions as an of-counsel attorney. Peter and his new team provide the same great service and continue to offer flat-fee patent services. We invite you learn more about Peter’s new firm.
Mohr IP Solutions

Peter is a registered patent attorney licensed in Oregon. With over 10 years experience as a patent attorney and 10 years experience as an engineer, he focuses on assimilating and understanding technology so its economic value can be fully utilized.

Peter A Haas Esquire LLC, a pioneer in the flat-fee (fixed fee) legal services pricing model since 2003, provides clients with an affordable, value-added, and budget-certain cost model that enables the appropriate protection of valuable intellectual property rights.

This fixed fee model is not a one-price fits all approach, but rather a pre-determined fee based on the scope of the client's individual project.

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Phone: 503.319.3024

A Client's Comment:

" I first hired Peter to file a patent for a category-creating product that was being brought to market. Peter's knowledge of patent law and application process gave me the confidence that I needed to know that the idea would be protected and the job would be done right the first time. I was so impressed with the his integrity, timeliness and knowledge of IP that I hired him again to file our trademark applications. "

- Mark T. Portland, OR


Phone: 503-336-1214
Email: Office@MohrIPlaw.com
Portland, Oregon


Mohr Intellectual Property Law Solutions, P.C.
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